Why Automation Testing is Necessary?

We’ll look at the benefits of introducing automation testing in your Software Development lifecycle. Read More.

Continuous Integration (Part 3) – CI Best Practices

We will go through 10 best practices of implementing CI along with some real world tips and warnings based on my experiences in the industry. Read More.

Continuous Integration (Part 2) – CI Server & Tools

We will go through the main CI server components and the tools that will help in implementing a robust CI process for your organization. Read More.

Continuous Integration – Introduction

Continuous integration is a technique in which developers are encouraged to continually merge their code into the main code repository. Read More.

Microservices: Pros and Cons of Mono repos

Is it ok for Microservices code to exist in Mono repos? What companies store Microservices in Mono repos? What are the pros and cons? Read More.
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