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Deepak Karanth

Hi. I'm Deepak

I'm the owner and content creator at SoftwareYoga.com. I have been involved with the software industry for over 15 years. I have held numerous positions over the course of my career that included responsibilities in software development and technical leadership.

My specialization is in building large enterprise systems that are scalable, highly available and extensible, primarily using Java and related technologies.

I have mentored in-house and offshore development teams on software architecture principles, coding standards, writing effective use cases, test methodologies, Agile and Scrum practices etc.

Here's what SoftwareYoga is all about

Do you deal with software development on a daily basis? If you are programmer or an architect, and if you have asked yourself:

  • How do I become a better developer?
  • How can I make use of the best coding practices?
  • This code is too complex? How do I simplify it and write maintainable code?
  • Is there a pattern I should be using to solve this problem?
  • What kind of tests should I write?

Or you might be leading a team of developers and you want to know:

  • How can I best lead a team of developers?
  • Do I know what motivates developers?
  • How do I check the quality of work done by my team?
  • Am I doing Agile right?
  • How do I incorporate CI and CD into the development process?

Or you might just be someone at the crossroads in your career wondering:

  • Is this the right career for me?
  • How do I better manage my career?
  • Do I give up coding and go into management?
  • How do I keep up with new technologies?

Or if you’ve ever just needed to know something else about software development...

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

SoftwareYoga is my effort to give back to the community. The topics I cover include Programming, Software Architecture, Development methodologies, Best practices etc. I also write about the human aspects of Software Development.

You could visit the blog or sign up to my free newsletter for regular updates. Just drop your email address below, and let’s enjoy this journey together.

Let's Connect

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My writing has been published in...

DZone - Over 400000 views | Most Valuable Blogger | Contributer to DZone Guide on Performance and Monitoring.

ASPE Tech Town - A technical training company in USA

Java Code Geeks - One of the largest Java communities online

Quora - Over 75000 views

I have given talks in...

TechConnect - The largest technical conference in Ireland on Technical Leadership

c9d9 Podcast on CI and CD